A Sky Of Words – The Precipice

l u b
A clear wind blows across
My face, it stirs and beckons
Toes lingering
Equilibrium spinning
d u b
A thousand deaths awaiting me
Mushed-crushed flatness
I shake
I stare
l u b
Murky smirking smog
Smothers and mars fissures and schisms
Only shadows and insinuations
Amidst whats and whys

l u b – d u b l u b – d u b

Swirl-twirl gravity hurls
Me in a shredded mess of unknowing
A web of mindlessness
Essential and consequential
If my hands were wings I’d glide
If my fingers were feathers I’d ride
The chaos-clatter wind down and up
I’d rise and fall, I’d soar
But my hands are hands and my fingers numb and cold and raw
Lub-dub heart-restart
If I’m falling, I’ll land

lub-dub lub-dub lub-dub

It’s wide and warm and wild
There’s pitfalls and engine stalls
Traps and trials-by-combat-fuck-that
But there’s pink pulp, sugary juice
Ponds clear and frogs fat
Forests through mist, sands sun-kissed
I don’t know if I’ll land by you
I don’t know if I’ll splash into a pond
And send towers and clear-blue showers skyward
Stars and flowers overboard
Or if I’ll grind-unwind myself
On a bare-bones behemoth
Rock and cave and root

lubdub lubdub lubdub

I didn’t jump for you, but,
Crashing with you would be pretty cool


A smash, a splat
Ribbons and reams of life in streams
A dark orgy of colour
A bright death of palour



l u b

d u b


A Sky Of Words – Ostranenie Walls

We clasped hands, heedless
Of a wall stretching limitless
But now
With butterflies of your fingers-palms-thumbs in my hands
We’ll have to squeeze through, breeze through
Or else climb up and see
Where the horizon folds

A Sky Of Words – And This Is What Came Up From The Waters

A thousand poems have been written about love
A billion loves, a billion billion hearts-crossed
A sky of words, strewn like old lives embossed

None have sung you to life
None have outlined your arms or their bend
The way you lift your hair, endless effortless

I could slave for an ocean of years
Deep into dark depths filled with jagged teeth and misguiding lights
And I would never find a truth for your smile
That guileless widening
No trace, nor cause
Spontaneous sidelong grin, so graceless it soars
Those truths and trails and tricksy traces
Shift away, shy faces of fear

And even if they were to surface, they would flicker and disappear
Poor imitations that would flake and fade-away like old tears

A Sky Of Words – You Know This

When I say the heart
You know it’s a metaphor
An unseen shore brimming with
Unseen sights, shimmering sails

You know it means love
And all jacktations and palpitations and permutations therein
That the heart beats hard
That the heart beats fast
That the heart is talking to us and to you and through me
And to me and through you

You know this

Even though the lungs inflate
The lungs sigh, scattered cry
They swell and boom and create
And, man, do they sonicboom
The I can’t breathes, the scent of doom

You know this

Even though the gut swells
With gusts of butterflies
Flutters and flitters
Kaleidoscopes of queasy love
Palls of inadvertent cravings and longings
And awkward sounds gonging

You know this

Even though the head is an alchemist
Filling beakers and tubes
Converting iron to gold and back again,
A cocktail of chemicals so cruel
Concocting casual care and fair
Stares into deep eyes that somehow don’t drown
It’s the mad scientist
The love struck lyricist
The architect

You know this

And so when I say ‘heart’
You know I don’t mean contracts or 4/4 beats
I mean uncontrollable rhythms
I mean inhalations unfathomable
I mean a brew both charming and dangerously flammable

A Sky Of Words – On And On, Anon

Know that we are conduits for concepts
Setting from the outset, beset from the onset
By reset upstarts, pop-tart prerequisites
Know that they envy us
That in our will we execute their deeds
Know that we can pervert and perfect and prevent
Their very life-cycles
We can transmute them
In vast crucibles of discussion, in dynamic alembics of shenanigans
Know that they watch on with hands-in-the-air
With cares everywhere as we dissolve their very carefulest of laid plans
Know that we envy them in their longevity
That in their transformations and computations
They flit and flicker throughout history
As leaves in the wind of our breaths which gust on and on and die anon

A Sky Of Words – A Looming Fate

I could look out on cities of beauty
On lights glistening
Listening to timbres and timing,
Diapasons chiming pretty
Knitted faces, churning laces burning
Delights and sights and bar fights
Devised to insight atavistic delights

They would stir me no more than a breeze
Would a drip-drab towel

How a handful of ill-fated and ill-begot atoms
Faded and beguiled little of the loom

When the universe sleeps, it snores
And when it rains it pours
And nowhere does it say that these snores
Should be targets of abhorrence,
Single-celled torrents of flaw
Sifting through threads-come-dreads-come-score
Somewhere in that network, we trawl

I could drink dark wines, crouching by horizons
I could sweeten deals, or deal sweets
Gaze upon wrought salvation that ought raise
Armies, a blaze-of-glory unlike any other
Story, dust-filled chapters at a time
But, why, when in your company
My heart could melt, start any story felt
And sharpen all the glory I could want