Hello there! Hanabihex here, with my first Blog, One Wordsmith. This is a collection of writings I’ve gathered over the past few years and finally had time to sort.


A Sky Of Words – A collection of poems in English and Japanese.

Armageddon Saga – The angels have left Armageddon too long. They grew lax and lazy, drunk on worship and indolent on sacraments. Now, their gears of war have finally begun turning, but during the years of calm, humans have advanced, and proven their match.

All Cannot Be Fathomed – When the gods created Gaera, they wrote their blueprints in dust and they became the stars. At least, that’s what some people say. Some people don’t believe in tales. Others are more interested in farming, in whiskey, or in the farmer’s son over the dale. From An’elyserra – the World Fountain – to the distant ruins of the Welkin Empire, from the frozen tundra that the Desoro tribes call home, to the Waves of Equa’littori where painted fish shepherds drift on warm, floating cities, it takes many threads of mana to weave this tapestry to life. We can only pick one thread, and pull.

A Series Of a Stories – Unlinked tales I’ve written.



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