A Sky Of Words – The Precipice

l u b
A clear wind blows across
My face, it stirs and beckons
Toes lingering
Equilibrium spinning
d u b
A thousand deaths awaiting me
Mushed-crushed flatness
I shake
I stare
l u b
Murky smirking smog
Smothers and mars fissures and schisms
Only shadows and insinuations
Amidst whats and whys

l u b – d u b l u b – d u b

Swirl-twirl gravity hurls
Me in a shredded mess of unknowing
A web of mindlessness
Essential and consequential
If my hands were wings I’d glide
If my fingers were feathers I’d ride
The chaos-clatter wind down and up
I’d rise and fall, I’d soar
But my hands are hands and my fingers numb and cold and raw
Lub-dub heart-restart
If I’m falling, I’ll land

lub-dub lub-dub lub-dub

It’s wide and warm and wild
There’s pitfalls and engine stalls
Traps and trials-by-combat-fuck-that
But there’s pink pulp, sugary juice
Ponds clear and frogs fat
Forests through mist, sands sun-kissed
I don’t know if I’ll land by you
I don’t know if I’ll splash into a pond
And send towers and clear-blue showers skyward
Stars and flowers overboard
Or if I’ll grind-unwind myself
On a bare-bones behemoth
Rock and cave and root

lubdub lubdub lubdub

I didn’t jump for you, but,
Crashing with you would be pretty cool


A smash, a splat
Ribbons and reams of life in streams
A dark orgy of colour
A bright death of palour



l u b

d u b


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