A Sky Of Words – A Looming Fate

I could look out on cities of beauty
On lights glistening
Listening to timbres and timing,
Diapasons chiming pretty
Knitted faces, churning laces burning
Delights and sights and bar fights
Devised to insight atavistic delights

They would stir me no more than a breeze
Would a drip-drab towel

How a handful of ill-fated and ill-begot atoms
Faded and beguiled little of the loom

When the universe sleeps, it snores
And when it rains it pours
And nowhere does it say that these snores
Should be targets of abhorrence,
Single-celled torrents of flaw
Sifting through threads-come-dreads-come-score
Somewhere in that network, we trawl

I could drink dark wines, crouching by horizons
I could sweeten deals, or deal sweets
Gaze upon wrought salvation that ought raise
Armies, a blaze-of-glory unlike any other
Story, dust-filled chapters at a time
But, why, when in your company
My heart could melt, start any story felt
And sharpen all the glory I could want


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