A Sky Of Words – Pillow Fortress

A pillow fort
Fortified by the mortified tears of
Vanquished foes
Thoughts in vogue rose
Fan-squished and tip-toed

Dream-hardened resolution
Coated by stone-soft protrusions
Ere sharpened arrows or
Serrated swords cross
Emboss our walls with
Jagged scars-scattered with
Ragged stars-battered
Bettered by war-horns and worn throats torn
Dismayed, arrayed, doom-betrayed

Atop our cushion-spire
Our turret-de-comfort
We can laugh up a storm
Weather or-nots without withered windows woeful
Raindrops bleed blurry
Lightening levins furry
And hooray! A marathon a-flurry!

From here we found our kingdom
We claim these lands in the name of
I miss you
In the name of
Your face
In the name of
What will happen to my books if I die
No when I die, because certainties are more sure
And I’m certain of you and yours
In the name of
Stickers, of books, of TV shows watched and those unsung,
Lasagnes and other meals undone
Late nights and warm cheeks
I can’t sleeps
Twice goodnight
And the fight of two rulers,
Two nobles,
And who will


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