A Sky Of Words – Ghosts Live Down There

To my left is an annoyance of light
To my right, front, and back
A ring of light, fighting dark quietude
A beautiful battlefield of phosphenes and unseens
Until that horizon with lights-on
Switches off
Till the sun sets
Till nights or dreams or whatever this means
Spills out of every crevice
Fills up every battle-worn vice
And bruises the world at the seams
I dig
Darkness thick and cold as mud
Crunches of dried old pieces
Legs, arms, heads, cars, pencils,
Gameboys, fangirls, train stations, space stations
Knights in shining armour
Nights in shining amour
Books with no pages
Stories that reflect the ages
Glasses, sushi, pine needles, coffee mugs
Mix-tapes, paper cuts, mums and dads, blood and guts
Exhaust fumes, sand dunes, raven feathers, storms exhumed
Lips that never said goodbye
Hands and what they held
Angels with whiskey and Devils on rum
Movies of every genre
Music of every colour
Colour me in that deep dark
And I feel my fingers breaking
My wrists aching
In the spiralling, unending mud


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