A Sky Of Words – Wake Up

Wake up, alarm-clock-sleep-cock-block demands
Take up the piece that felled you, crack-quelled you
Beat me over the head with it
Till I wake from dreamy slumbers,
From stars and wonders
To see stars and I wonder
Wake up and smell the roses?
Posers posing statues profoundly sound
Pluck luck from the ground like
Prearranged popping candy posers
Proposed, prepared, preordained
Drained and stained, but not abstained
That’s my brained intellect
My charm of reflection
My hand-of-god,
My sweet-as backflip
My Vulcan death-grip
And I give thanks
Thank you, insufferability, thank you self-inspired glee
Devilishly felonious is he who
In the wake of a storm
Will wake up gormless, enormous,
It’s a bird, it’s a plane
It’s me and I am freed
Cheers to greed, hears to the deed
Another round for my friend and confidant
My professor and parole-officer
The shout in the night, the sacrificer
Keep ’em coming
Keep ’em coming
They remember the time we sat in dark cells
Where dwells flaming eyes and cold smells
Welcome to my chief advisor, most devious devisor
Of plans, shake hands and drink deep
Down in my pocket is something I owe you – for services rendered
There she is, my muse, my heart surrendered
Isn’t she beautiful? Isn’t she shame-shattering, and all that?
I don’t have much, but what I have is hers
And what she has, is, well…yours
Am I asleep?
A dreamer to be shaken and awakened?
To wake up?
Am I lost?
Twirl-whirling through the antechambers of my head?
To wake up?
Am I forgotten, begotten, unknown, unsung without reason
Without seasons god-soaked and wonderlust?
I have drunk with friends and seen reflections in conversations
I have tasted spiralling froth thought too overt, humour-made-wroth
I have heard musics from heart beats and start sheets
That heat hearts and start holy-shits
I have smelt bodies blackened, souls cindered, lives lived
And I have touched pulse-pulse much, loved back-and-forth, clutched
I am awake
I am awake
I am the sun and the stars and the world thick with scars
I am the dreams at night and the wings in flight
I am the scent of lover’s breath
The thank you left
The bereft and the broken
The silent and the ever-spoken

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