A Sky Of Words – Six Feet In The Divine

They say a step puts one foot forward
It throws that foot away
One foot in the grave
Buckle the boots, bad-arsery feat. me
Stave away from shouts that say
‘One foot in the grave’
From our first step that one foot is graveyard
Us tumbling behind
To collapse in the divine
Were we to crawl, would we stall anything?
We crave the grave
And all feet therein
Two left feet do not dance up an Elixir of Life
Nor does any feat, sporting, science, comedy, melody, or tragedy philtre facts
Force us to realise the reality that lies
In losing that foot
Within the haven of grave, beneath yew boughs birled and raven caws
Deep in chocolate mud
Six feet down they say
Do angels toast us?
Do devils roast us?
Will we ride in limousines drinking fancy dreams with a god?
Or will we sweat and writhe, confirming that heat is indeed hell?
Or is this the ride and the terminus?
Destiny and destination?
We stand tall
Six feet
I am six feet in the divine

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