A Sky Of Words – Ken

Plastic-packaged pilgrim’s mire
Sworn under the watchful gods’ ire
Sired on fear and supping on
Delightful delirium queer-tasting and
Axe-hacking into the backs of our throats
Thunderbolts of divine-inspiration
Consign constipation ravings
Playthings that say things
Zeus’ sandpit, Thor’s swings
Kings and queens and trees
Bow down, smash heads bloody to the ground
Blotting-plotting, smushing the lay
May-day, Anansi astray
The-mind’s-eye blinded by
Burning peppers, pilfered from Hades
Ignited candle foisting ohmygods
And icantsees onto us
Blur-blur reflections stir a melting-pot of fuss
Golden tablets and tabbed-bets
Lettered till we’re fettered
Offerings of a harvest doom, winter-love
To ignorant Mithras and Lugh
Forced down their overflowing glutch
And skitter-scatter bones clutch
For a bite to feed, a mouth, any deed
A stampede of beauty-and-the-feast
Agreed for and not-in-the-least
Consined-and-consealed as per Dyonisus’s tweets
When what you should do
Trumps what is good to do
You’ve gotta ask yourself Who will see us through?
No Goliath-slaying David
Praying for his last supper
Of puppets and uppers
No Buddha belly-rubbing
Bouncing for us
Just good old-fashioned, laser-guided
And I will always swallow my tea bitter
Scoff at news shittier than
Symposiums and consortiums
I will take bean-paste sorbets and
Make them fast-paced sorties
Into the future, hark,
The present is the precedent
The self-evident, the sacrament,
The string on which we pull when yearning
For that ragged-rabble sound
The voices and the music and the love, profound
The switch and the boom
The words and their doom
The temple
The rock
Fortune fair
Flitting fires and the spitting liars
The vehicle and the beast of burden
But worsen those eyes
And loosen like-minded tongues
Herein and hereout, I do solemnly swear
Whereas before so shall never be
Begone antiquity, become soliloquy
Let’s ride this fucking planet of ubiquity
Upwards, skywards, starwards
Four words, have I:
Don’t fuck this up

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